Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Youth Enrichment League: Match Day 7

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The matches today were awesome! The best part is that as the tournament goes on, you see more and more teams, with the exception of Chelsea FC today, scoring four out of four points for the Life Skills Presentation. For CFDP, the primary goal of our tournament is to use the competition as a way to pass out an educational message to young boys around Kumba. Therefore, the "Life Skills Presentation" is the most important category of points, which you see below. If a team scores four out of four points for the Life Skills Presentation, which occurs for 30 minutes before the start of each match, it means that we have judged their coaches to have done a good job communicating the particular educational message for that day's match.

The football is getting really good, too. You'll see in the match summaries below that Dr. Mofor Sport Academy defeated Chelsea FC 8-6 in terms of points. The actual match ended in a 2-2 draw. Dr. Mofor played the whole game with only 9 players while Chelsea fielded a full team of 11. Dr. Mofor went down 0-2 early in the first half, but fought back to tie the game with two late goals! 

Match Reports:

Life Skills Theme: Communication

  • Olympic Fruiting Sport Academy 5 -- 7 Best Stars FC

Olympic Fruiting SA          Points Breakdown          Best Stars FC
            4/4                      Life Skills Presentation            4/4
            0/3                          Win/Draw/Loss                    3/3
            1/2                                 Fair Play                        0/2
            0/1                               Punctuality                       0/1

           5/10                                  Total                             7/10

  • Dr. Mofor Sport Academy 8 -- 6 Chelsea FC

Dr. Mofor SA          Points Breakdown          Chelsea FC
        4/4               Life Skills Presentation           3/4
        1/3                    Win/Draw/Loss                  1/3
        2/2                         Fair Play                        1/2
        1/1                       Punctuality                       1/1

        8/10                          Total                           6/10

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