Thursday, July 4, 2013

Leadership Training 2.1

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We had the second of six classroom sessions for our Leadership Training course at the Women’s Empowerment Center, Kumba Town, this morning. These were our discussion questions:
  1. 1. How is football similar to life? (In other words, what skills do you need in football that you also need in life?)
  2.  Which of these skills do your youth players lack?

Discussion in response to the first question lasted over an hour. The people came up with nearly 30 answers, such as communication, teamwork, sacrifice, perseverance, assisting others, etc. It was exciting for me to see them so engaged in class. Of course, we at CFDP already knew the answers to this question, but we wanted to force the volunteers/leaders-to-be in class to think of these things themselves. Essentially, CFDP is founded on this belief—That because the set of skills you need to succeed in football are so similar to the set of skills you need to succeed in life, football itself can be used as a vehicle for youth development.

The second question then functioned as a survey of sorts. After we had the leaders think of skills that are relevant in both football and life outside of football, we wanted to find out which of these skills represented the most critical educational needs of their youth players—our targeted population. We narrowed the list of skills down to 10. We concluded by announcing that these skills in particular will be the educational themes of our Youth Enrichment Football League, which will kick off in about a month. Educational processes pertaining to these specific themes will be creatively integrated into the operational procedures of our league. By the end of the competition we expect that the youth players will have been educated through football.

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