Thursday, July 4, 2013

Youth Enrichment League: Allocation of Match Points

Cameroon Football Development Program (CFDP)
U-16 Football League for Youth Development
Kumba Municipality
Third Term Holiday Tournament
July – August 2013


Each team has the opportunity to win a maximum of 10 points at each match.

(4) Points: The CFDP Session: Coaches are required to implement a “CFDP Session” with their teams beginning precisely 30 minutes before kick-off is scheduled. (CFDP uses a standard format, which is referred to here as the CFDP Session and consists of ice-breaking activities, football drills, and educational discussions, when leading educational sessions with youths.) Each match will have a life skill theme. Coaches are required to lead their team in a series of activities pertaining to the theme of the particular match. Teams will be evaluated by referees and a match delegate according to the following criteria:
  • (1) Point: Did the coach implement an ice-breaker with his team?
  • (1) Point: Did the coach implement both an educational football drill AND a group discussion about the particular life skills theme? (A coach cannot receive a point without implementing a discussion.)
  • (1) Point: Did players and coaches read the motivational statements loudly and clearly? (CFDP will provide teams at each match with written statements pertaining to the educational theme of the match. The statements will be read in the same fashion that players read statements of anti-racism before an English Premier League match, for example. Players and coaches must not only read the statements, but read them loudly and clearly in order to get a point.
  • (1) Point: The last point is reserved for the match delegate’s overall assessment of each team’s implementation of the “CFDP session.”
(3) Points: Victory. Per usual, each team will have the opportunity of earning three points for a win, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

(2) Points: Fair Play. Each team will begin the match will two fair play points. The fair play or lack of fair play will be used to determine whether a team loses fair play points. Each yellow card received by a team will result in the loss of one fair play point. (For this reason, we have asked our referees to be lenient with their yellow cards.)

(1) Punctuality. We have encouraged coaches to arrive to the field 60 minutes before kick-off is scheduled. If at least one coach and 11 players have not arrived to the field at least 30 minutes before kick-off, their team will be penalized with the loss of one point for lack of punctuality.

Total: 10 points

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