Thursday, July 4, 2013

Homologation Committee Meeting #1

Friday, 7 June 2013

We identified a few coaches from our leadership training course that had shown special interest in our program, selected them to form the Homologation Committee for our U-16 Football League, and held our first meeting with them in the CFDP office today. A homologation committee is one that works together to help develop rules and regulations for and solve any problems that may arise throughout the course of any competition—league, tournament, etc. We wanted our homologation committee to be especially sensitive to the fact that our league is not about developing footballers, but rather a competition that is just using football as a way to attract young kids, get their attention, and teach them about the importance of developing important life skills. The few members we chose for our committee had been consistently on time to our training sessions, outspoken in class, and committed to the educational component of CFDP. Today’s meeting was just one to inform them that we had chosen them to make up the committee, and we also brainstormed some ideas for league rules and regulations, which will be revised and finalized at our next meeting. Things are moving!

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