Thursday, July 11, 2013

Leadership Training: Graduation (kind-of)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Today wasn’t technically graduation—The actual graduation with handing over of certificates will take place some time in August with a big ceremony and important people in attendance—but I don’t know what else to call Friday’s event here on my blog, so we’ll just stick with “graduation.” Today, we handed back the exams and gave people awards, which consisted of soccer jerseys, shorts, socks, and whistles donated from the US, based on a combination of good attendance throughout the course and good performance on the exam. Below are pictures:

The new class of CFDP Youth Leaders taking part in an ice-breaker, as we always begin a CFDP session.

Caroline, a CFDP Management Team member, speaking to the class.

The Administrator returning exams to his students.

Two of the three leaders who finished highest in the class, Enow (left) and Ekokobe (right), showing off their prizes.

From left to right: Patrick, Moses, and Antoine showing off their awards.

From left to right: Ngassa, Lucas, Stephanie, Harrison, Leo, Biyo, and Modeste.

Enow Tambe Roger, the top student of the class, speaks to his classmates.

Collins, the Director of CFDP Kumba, speaks in front of the class.

The administrator posing with his students. From left to right: Cyril, Elad, Ekokobe, Stephanie, Administrator, Antoine.

This is my good friend Lucas posing with the jersey he received as an award for good performance in class. To be honest, every person here wants to be my friend because I am "white man," but this guy is seriously one of the few true friends I have in Kumba. I am grateful.

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