Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Garri & Eru

Garri is the thick, yellow stuff on the right. Garri comes from cassava, which you may also know as yuca, tapioca, or manioca root. To make garri, casava tubers, which are the tube-like part of a plant's root and/or stem, are first finely ground until the cassava grounds resemble those of salt or sugar. At this point, the cassava grounds become "garri" and can be prepared/eaten in many different ways. The garri below was boiled with water in order to condense the grounds until it appeared whole as is below. This is the most common way of preparing garri when you have something hot like eru or soup to eat it with on the side. When you are short on money, or don't have eru or soup at your convenience, you can also "drink garri." To drink garri, you mix the casava grounds with water, milk powder, ground nuts, and sugar, and eat it with spoon, like cereal or cold oatmeal.

Eru is the green stuff on the left. Eru is basically a jungle leaf, or bush herb--similar to spinach. It is prepared with spices, oil, and small pieces of meat or fish mixed in.

In Cameroon they say that you can't fully enjoy garri and eru unless you eat it with your hands. When in Rome...

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