Friday, September 6, 2013

The Pittsburgh Steelers in Kumba

As you are well aware, CFDP is an organization based jointly in Kumba, Cameroon, Africa, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Part of the organization’s mission involves facilitating a sort of “cultural exchange” between Cameroon and the United States so that people in the United States can learn more about Cameroonian culture and people in Cameroon can learn more about American culture. This summer, to help fulfill this mission, CFDP helped to create the first Steelers bar in Cameroon.

If you know Pittsburgh, you know that the Steelers, the city’s [American] football team, are basically synonymous with the city’s name. Everyone here LOVES the Steelers. Watching the Steelers on Sunday is as “Pittsburgh” as eating apple pie is “American.” The Steelers are so important that they have truly become more of a livelihood than a team for the people that live here. This is evident by the fact that there are Steelers bars not only around the United States from Connecticut to Florida, but around the world in countries such as Italy and France. When people leave Pittsburgh, they carry Steeler pride with them.

So, our CEO, Justin Forzano, thought why not bring the Steelers to Cameroon. He gifted a small, local bar in Kumba known as Mbacho’s Place with all sorts of Pittsburgh Steelers paraphernalia. Check out the pictures below:

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