Friday, September 6, 2013

Kumba Economics 101

The staples of Kumba’s economy are… Cocoa and beer! 

Cocoa is grown, harvested, and exported to Europe to producers of chocolate by farmers all around Kumba. There are two colors of cocoa: Red and green/yellow. The first two pictures below show green plants growing from a cocoa tree. The third picture below shows cocoa seeds drying under the sun, as they must do before they are okay for export.

As for beer, well, people here drink a lot. Some say Cameroon consumes more beer than any African country, but this is yet to be confirmed as a fact. The last picture below shows a Kadji beer bottle. Kadji is one of only two, purely Cameroonian beer makers. All other beers, although brewed in the country, are products of European companies. Also, you’ll see the bottle is large—22 oz.—compared to those we have in America. This is the standard size of one beer in Cameroon.

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