Monday, May 27, 2013

The CFDP Management Team

So far during my time in Cameroon, I have become very fond of CFDP's management team. They have been very kind and welcoming to me so far, and have helped me learn my way around the city. Because we work together, I have spent more time with them than anyone else here. I would consider them the closest thing I have to a "Cameroonian family." They are as follows:

Collins: Collins is basically the director of CFDP's operations in Kumba. He is very smart, intellectual, soft-spoken. The other day he told me, "To sharpen a knife, you need another knife. To sharpen the human brain, you need another brain." I hope to put my brain to work with Collins. I expect to learn much from him over the next few months.

Wallace: In short, Wallace in the man. Whereas Collins is more of a visionary behind CFDP's operations in Kumba, Wallace is CFDP's "action man." He is serious, punctual, well-spoken, and very "matter-of-fact."When CFDP needs something done, Wallace is the man to do it.

Martin: It looks like Martin will be my football buddy during my stay in Kumba. He was an avid footballer until he injured his knee about a year ago. Now, he is training again and he hopes he can play for a semi-professional club in Cameroon someday. He is 26-years-old.

Ashu: Also known as General Cashcrof--not sure why he has this nickname or if I am spelling it right, but it is a great name--Ashu is CFDP's gentle giant. He is a big man, but always smiling and an overall genuine person.

Caroline: Justin plans on making Caroline CFDP's office manager. She has been very kind to me so far. She also gave me a snack the other day, this dried coconut of sorts, that was delicious. She will be like the older sister I never had.

Killian is not only a member of CFDP's management team, but also my housemate. The room I am staying in is right next to Killian's. Because of this, I have spent a lot of my time here so far with Killian. As his primary job, Killian is a headmaster at a primary school (similar to an elementary school in the US) in Kumba. Therefore people call him H.M., or jokingly C.H.M, which stands for "Criminal Head Master." Killian is very reserved, but my initial impressions of him are that he will be a very loyal friend during my stay here. He has walked with me when I am going somewhere new, has paid for many of my taxi rides around town, cleans my football boots when they are dirty, and is always asking me if I am hungry and need something to eat when we are at the house together. Killian epitomizes the kindness of people in Kumba that I have been talking about. I am lucky to be in such a welcoming environment.

Dickson: Dickson is second to Collins when it comes to strategic management of the CFDP office. He, too, is very intelligent. Justin plans on making Dickson CFDP Kumba's Director of Communications.

Kama: As his primary job, Kama coaches a youth football club in Kumba. He claims he was voted best "altar boy," or something like that, from churches of his religion in all of South West Region--ha.

Nenne is another female member of CFDP's management team. One of her main responsibilities is working with the Women's Empowerment Center, one of CFDP's partner facilities in Kumba.

A look into CFDP's office space on Commonwealth Avenue in Kumba Municipality.

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