Monday, May 27, 2013

Barombi Village

Friday, May 17, 2013

Today, Justin, Collins, Kim, Lauren, Wera, Leo (a CFDP "leader" from a local football academy in Kumba), and I journeyed to Barombi, a small, rural village located on the outskirts of Kumba. Barombi is remote--Rural Africa at its purest. The village is located on the other side of a lake from Kumba. It is only accessible on foot through the woods (about an hour's walk), or by canoe through the lake. There is no electricity in Barombi.

Justin was taking us to the village on this day because a few years ago, before CFDP even existed, it was to complete a civil engineering project in Barombi as a University of Dayton student that Justin first became associated with Cameroon. Before this project was completed, Barombi had no running water. Justin and the students he came with finally gave Barombi residents that source of running water by installing a below ground piping system and three above ground faucets at various locations around the village. For this, Barombi people LOVE Justin.

Anyway, we went to the village today to meet Justin's friends and spend the day with them. We toured the small village, drank palm wine, which is an alcoholic drink that comes from palm trees and is also known coloquially as "white stuff," and ate fish, the most common source of food for Barombi people given that they are so remotely located but still live near a lake. Below are some of my photos from the day:

On the walk to Barombi
From left to right: Leo, Justin, Kim, Lauren, Wera, Collins.
Trekkin through the woods to Barombi.

Yoga master and CFDP Board Director Kim Cermak showing little Barombi kids how yoga is done.

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