Monday, May 27, 2013

League Planning

Thursday, May 8, 2013

I sat down with Wallace and Martin today to discuss CFDP's big project for the summer: A U-16 football league for clubs from around Kumba that will kick off at the beginning of July. I myself am working in Kumba this summer as the Director of CFDP's U-16 Football League. I found that Wallace and Martin have already reached out to a variety of youth football clubs around Kumba to inform them about the league. It is now up to teams to register for the league with CFDP. Registration will last until May 31. Wallace says that he expects at least 10 teams to participate in the league. My job for now then is to determine the operational procedures for the league. Currently, I am writing the official league manual. Our league will be unique because as a CFDP league, it must be educational. Therefore, I am designing pre- and post-game ceremonies that will be implemented at each match and will revolve around educational topics, such as self-respect, teamwork, communication, HIV/AIDS awareness, good sportsmanship, etc. Our vision for this league is grand. I hope it will end up being that way.

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