Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pick-up Footy with Eintracht Frankfurt

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I went to a local football pitch today to sit in on one of the practices for Kumba Lakers, a club team here coached by a member of CFDP's Management Team, Kama, and I ran into a guy that was playing alongside me in defense at a pick-up game in town last week. So, I'm making small talk with this guy and it turns out that he used to play for Eintracht Frankfurt, a team in Germany's Bundesliga, which I would say is the second best professional domestic football league in the entire world. I can't say that that's ever happened to me before--Playing footy with a professional player, let alone a player who was playing professionally in Europe, home to the most competitive leagues in the world.

Anyway, I believe he told me his name was "Carlo," although I could have misunderstood him, as I often do when speaking with Cameroonians. I tried googling him, but couldn't find anything on the Web, so there is a good chance that I didn't get his correct name. He told me that he was playing in Frankfurt as recently as last year until he injured his knee, and now is at home in Kumba for rehab. I can see that one of his knees is noticeably weaker than the other, but given the fact that he is running around, even playing in pick-up games makes me wonder if he'll be going back to Europe any time soon?

Okay, well that's my cool note for the day. Peace.

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